CASE HOSPITAL (“the Hospital”) invites pre-qualification documents for Goods, Services and Works.

  1. It is mandatory that companies submitting pre-qualification documents in response to this pre-qualification invitation shall submit documents that establish that these companies are properly registered as a corporation.
  2. The companies shall provide evidence of having fulfilled their obligations to pay taxes. Such evidence shall be a copy of the latest Income Tax Clearance Certificate.
  3. The companies shall provide evidence to prove that they have ever handled or are currently handling business/services/works of a similar nature and magnitude for at least (3) three reputable organizations in the last three years. Such evidence shall be a copy of the contract and contact details (names and telephone numbers) for each of the organizations.
  4. It is mandatory that companies shall provide relevant legal evidence to verify that they have been legally active and continuously engaged in the related services/works within or outside Uganda for at least 24 months.
  5. The companies must complete and sign the declaration of interest form.
  6. The companies must certify that the pre-qualification document is duly authorized.
  7. The companies shall provide at least three (3) copies of recommendation letters from their top clients, preferably financial institutions.
  8. Is the organization a public limited company? If not, the companies shall indicate the nature of their company.
  9. If the company is a subsidiary of another company, the companies shall indicate the name and registered office of the holding or parent company.
  10. The companies shall give names and responsibilities of the directors of their company.

Case Hospital is currently an 100 bed modern health facility providing general and specialized health services to both the Ugandan population and also the neighboring country patients who travel all the way from their respective countries for health services.