At the reception, you will be registered on a first come-first served basis unless it is an emergency. All your relevant data will be recorded if you’re a new patient and insurance patients will fill a medical insurance claim form. Cash patients will be asked to pay consultation fees. Consultation fees differ depending on which doctor is to be seen. Repeat patients will fill in a claim form if they are on insurance and all patients will be requested to sit and wait for the patient guide’s advice. Each patient gets a unique identification number that be used to retrieve their data on any repeat visit.

In the consultation room you will be examined by the doctor and you will be treated depending on diagnosis. You may or may not be sent for investigation for the further medical tests as per the doctor’s recommendation.

At Case hospital, we encourage patients to personally come for their investigation results. However there are rare exceptions to the rule should the circumstances deem it necessary where we can give you the results online.

This depends on what investigations are being carried out. You will be accordingly advised by your doctor and laboratory technician.

Yes you can but this is subject to availability of the required doctor. All our doctors are exceptional though it’s understandable that some patients build rapport with specific doctors.

The billing clerk will, on a daily basis, update you on your bills and advise you to clear them as they arise. This is done in order to avoid any avoidable financial surprises. If by discharge time you have an outstanding balance, we may have to pent the discharge till you clear your bills, or depending on how long you been our client, we may request that you sign a credit note detailing a payment plan that we shall trust you to follow.

Case Medcare Insurance  handles prepaid policies or premiums that are paid annually and covers both inpatients and out patients. This is independent from Case Hospital which manages all patients regardless of whether they are prepaid or not. Case Medcare Insurance takes care of both corporate and personal medical covers.

Our average patient turnaround time from the time you register to the time you leave is slightly under or over two hours, all things being constant. There might be explained delays depending on the number or kind of emergencies coming in and it also depends on which doctor you are going to see. We maintain a first come-first served policy.

It is advised to always see the general doctor who will refer you to a specialized doctor if there is need. If you however have a referral from another hospital to see a specialist, you will be advised by the receptionists on their availability and time. There are specific doctors that you can see directly without going through the GP, e.g. the dentist and ophthalmologist, etc.

Our records and archives department is very secure and all staff that handle patient’s files have signed the hospital-patient confidentiality policy.

We are one stop specialist center and have both in-house and visiting specialists. There is a board at the front office with the different specialists and their clinic times. You can also always call our front office and be advised on the specialist’s availability before you visit the hospital

If you are an outpatient you will pay at the cash office in the outpatient department but if you’re admitted, a billing clerk will visit your ward and advise you on the bill and payment plan.

Someone can only jump the queue if they are an emergency or if they had a prior appointment with the doctor. Sometimes people are called in for results that have been pending. We always ensure that the patient advisors communicate the reason for these unique and rare scenarios to the waiting patients.

Individuals, families or groups can have a monthly health management cover. We open accounts for the client in form of a book or files and monthly payments are made on the accounts.

Not all patients must go through the laboratory. It is based on the recommendation by the doctor following their examination of the patient.

We have a variety of drugs and in the rare event that we’re out of stock, we shall ensure that we do get the drugs to the patient as soon as is practically possible.

The ambulance is purely for emergencies. Emergencies can be defined as life threatening experiences. When an emergency call comes through, a clinical personnel will talk to the caller and decide whether to send an ambulance or not and the patient will be advised accordingly.

Almost all laboratory tests are carried out at Case Hospital but the highly specialized tests are outsourced to highly reputable laboratories in USA and South Africa.

This is more or less a commitment fee as much as it also helps us in the initial operational costs of the patient. This also eases the patient’s future burden of bulk payments.

CASE Medcare is the department in charge of medical insurance and it has professional staff that will answer all related queries. All inquiries regarding health insurance can be directed to +256-701 250 362 or +256-312-250-700.

You will definitely get better but how soon you recover depends on when you came for treatment after you felt unwell, you age, your natural response to the treatment and the kind of sickness among other factors. You are encouraged to communicate to your doctor any concerns you may have regarding your recovery.